May 26

Having a quiet start, I picked up some cakes and headed to G and K’s and found them in the shop with a friend.  We settled down with some tea and caught up on the past handful of days – it was good to be back on the old Friedelstrasse!

They had some photographers coming in soon, so I picked up my bike which had been stewing the past few weeks in the courtyard and went for a spin.  Tonight one of my favourite bands from Canada was playing here in Berlin, so I went to a copy shop and made up some flyers to distribute.  Bored hostel days saw me designing some possibilities and they turned out pretty well in the en masse production.

So the vaguely sunny afternoon was spent taping and decorating posts and giving energetic thumbs up to the curious onlookers.  I don’t know if postering is allowed here, so at one point when the polizei stopped at a red light and looked over, I put away the tape I had been unrolling and quickly disappeared down some side streets. Funnily enough, I used to find the German police quite scary looking, and the sight of them would set my heart skittering, but that has passed.  Maybe it was the rifle-toting officers of Istanbul.

Finding the canal bridge that’s nice for hanging out, I lingered and spotted a banjoist with a huge beard aplayin away.  I requested Cripple Creek and My Grandfather’s Clock to which he obliged.  He then played some Pete Seeger and showed me some different styles and techniques that he’s picked up.  It was a nice intermission, but I was on a mission and soon set off again with my papers.

That evening I biked over to the show, which was at Schokoladen, a venue I had been wanting to check out but hadn’t found my way to yet.  It a was pretty nice and cozy venue, somehow small… yet possessing the feeling of a barn or gymnasium auditorium.  Strange! The first set was played by some folks from Italy, they were interesting but I felt they needed some work yet.  R, a designer friend of G and K’s showed up between sets, and it was good to have a buddy to watch the show with.  Next up was the Wax Man and he lit the stage with his energy.  Playing new tunes and somehow more happy and coherent than what I’m used to, it was a bit of a different show. 

Afterwards, I found R also lived in the same neighbourhood as my hostel, so we biked back together.  I found out he also makes some music, which is pretty cool.  People have so many facets.