May 25

When my alarm for 6am went off, I decided to sleep in and catch the afternoon bus to Berlin.  AH was in town again as well, and I thought we might run into each other, but it didn’t happen.  Luckily I had a few Koruna left from last trip, so I grabbed some lunch groceries and hit up that pastry shop by the market that I liked.  Outside the shop, all the seats were takes so I settled into a table beside them.  Soon I heard shouting and looked up to see an enraged woman at the shop across the way shouting a blue streak at me in Czech!   Getting the picture, I moved to a different table and she soon came out with a cloth and heartily wiped down the seat where I’d just been, still yelling her heart out.  Giving the rag a final distaining flick, she rambled back to her shop, muttering all the while.  Some Czech men looked simultaneously surprised and amused and laughed at the scene… I don’t know who or what she thought I was, but what a nasty response!  Some time after a yound fellow sat down there with his laptop, and not a word was said….

From there I made my way to the bus depot, got my ticket and awaited the bus.  The ride over to Berlin was easy and quick.  Back in town, I again found the Regenbogen Fabrik hostel that I liked, and settled in for the night.