May 24

Trying to wake early, I missed the first bus out to Prague with the Canadian saxophist.  So I sat with JT, sipping coffee and talking awhile, then he blissed out on the keyboard.  I set to requesting this or that, Angel Eyes, Skylark… to which he gladly obliged when he knew the tune.  When it was time to set off he played a parting song for me, Bonnie Raitt’s  “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”   It’s crazy who you meet when you travel, and to think he’s played keys for her as well.   Art really levels things out.  J got up in time to bid farewell, and I hit the road for Prague.

In town I arrived in time for the hugest rainshower and got quite soaked on my way to the hostel.  It was literally hard to walk forward on account of the wind, and thunder shook the air.  Feeling bedraggled, I signed into St.Toby’s Hostel and had an easy night!