May 21

Headed downstairs and found the mandolinist had time to kill before his train, so we walked down Mariahilferstrasse (a bustling street full of shops in the inner core) to the Vienna Modern Art Museum. This featured a tantalizing array of contemporary works, as well as a large exhibit of Andy Warhols videos, and other media artists (including Canadaś General Idea!) from the 70ś to the present. It was refreshing to see after all the historical paintings I have been viewing of late. Afterwards we had lunch outside and were entertained by the daring swallows who would swoop and land on your hand to peck your lunch and fly away again – all in an instant. We then parted ways and I toured the city centre, taking in the tourist tidbits.

There were off and on rainshowers, so I stopped once in a bookstore, another time in a phone booth where I played some harmonica tunes.. passing a group of fellows one had an umbrella and held it out for cover as I passed! It was a pretty whimsical journey. By then my feet were sore from wearing my summer shoes, so I made way to the hostel and took care of laundry.

The Hostel Ruthensteiner is actually pretty fancy and well equipped. It has a sprawling surface area, two floors, two courtyards, many washrooms and showers and chill spaces… Nice furniture and decorations.. By far one of the most upright hostels I have stayed in yet.

That evening I just took it cool and had an early night, my buddy from the night before was jamming again but I was tired out. Drew awhile and planned what might come next. It had been in my head to go to Munich tomorrow, but since hitting Vienna Budipest was calling… Apparently its a very chill city, full of music and good times. Only trouble was I didnt have enough time to get back for my flight if I started that sort of a journey…