May 20

Woke and headed for the bus.  It was a quick journey to Vienna.  The coach was pretty luxury, had seatbelts, an attendant who provided complementary beverages, and movies.  The landscape of Austria is very quaint and beautiful.  I saw wild deer munching in the fields.  All the wilderness Ive seen so far feels very tame though, like the soil is leashed and the grass docile… Maybe I need to visit the alps.

Getting into Vienna I found my hostel, which has a music room… Made supper, then jammed out on the piano and guitars for awhile.  Later in the eve I was joined by a Jack Johnson style singer-songwriter from the states, and we grooved awhile with a rotating crew of guitarists.  A Scottish fellow with purple pants and a polka dot shirt proved to be a mean mandolinist, and it was quite a merry time.